It snowed in Venice…

… And we got rather wet from all the snow soaking through our clothes as we walked the streets trying to head back to the train station. But as they say, everyone gets lost in Venice!

We arrived in Venice via train from Udine, midmorning, and were greeted by snow covered paths and the cool air. It was pleasant, however, and we were eager to begin exploring. Perhaps because I have been so relaxed at “home” with the family, I didn’t put much effort into researching what to see and do in Venice. Thankfully, a sign pointing the way to ‘San Marco’ triggered my memory and we began to follow what became a long maze of narrow alleyways and ambiguous signs.

We eventually arrived in Saint Mark’s Square, after crossing the disappointingly famous Rialto Bridge, and were blown away by the beauty and magnificence of the basilica. The detail and effort that went into the building and decorating of the cathedral was amazing. While exploring we also saw several other impressive churches and wandered round a free exhibit dedicated to Antonio Vivaldi.

Despite the length of our visit and the bad weather that saw us leave Venice, we had a really fun time. Lots of laughs and lots of sandwiches (thanks to my Italian “mum” Ombretta!) meant that even the worst weather couldn’t have put a downer on our day trip.