Booking cheap flights

We booked our flights a little while back. Being the “safe” people that we are, we decided to book early, rather than wait for a killer deal. Because of the uncertainty of the trip, we ended up just booking one way tickets – From Adelaide to Athens via Singapore, flying Singapore Airlines.

It ended up costing us AUD$1050 each. Considering they are one way flights, we were pretty happy for the price. We have a ten day stopover in Singapore.

We booked the flights through Jetabroad. I’ve found them to be the cheapest website for an Australian person to book international flights through, however other people rave about Best Flights too. I think the best idea is to find a few “cheap flights” websites, and just go from there. Search them all regularly until you find what you need, then book. Watch out for hidden fees though, as they can bump up the cost of your once cheap flight.

Since we are getting married in early January, a few weeks before leaving on this trip, we will be taking a week for ourselves before actually backpacking. After flying into Singapore, we will stay two nights, then fly out to Langkawi, in Malaysia for 5 nights, then fly back to Singapore before heading off to Athens.

To get to Langkawi we are flying with Air Asia. Return it is costing us SGD$166.80, which at the time was around AUD$135. Booking directly with Air Asia was the go – it was considerably cheaper booking through them rather than any of the “cheap flights” websites. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Air Asia, but the next cheapest option was Malaysian Airlines for around $440 EACH! We’re going to spend up big on the accommodation for the “honeymoon” part of the trip, so we both decided the cheaper flights were the go. They are only 40 minutes or so anyway, and our connecting flights are days apart, so they shouldn’t be able to screw us over that badly.

So that’s where the flights are at. Once we are in Europe and we know when we want to fly to Canada we’ll start looking for cheap flights to Toronto. I’ve heard that it’s a lot cheaper to fly to somewhere in the US, although I don’t really want to go there. That said, if it’s going to save us a wad of cash I’ll go..