Holiday Perfection in Prague

Even though our visit in Prague was only short we loved absolutely every minute of it. Prague is the perfect destination for a holiday, as proven by the thousands of tourists it has even during the off-peak time when we stayed. While the masses of Poms (and other nationalities) looking to get on the booze for the cheap do take their toll on the city, with loads of advertising for pub crawls, they can’t tarnish the beauty and magnificence that is the city of Prague.

We arrived in Prague via train from Warsaw, travelling through beautiful countryside. After catching a metro train to the station nearest our accommodation, we wandered through the quiet streets trying to avoid the frosty winds. We walked down a little backstreet to find our accommodation, Hotel Inos, glowing like a warm oasis on a cold night. After settling in at the hotel we headed out to find some dinner. We ended up getting pizza from a local bar/cafe. Upon entering the bar we were taken aback by the volume of smoke that filled the entire room – clearly no smoking laws did not apply here! Thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long for our bargain margherita pizza (93 CZK = AUD$5.40) which we took back to the hotel room to enjoy.

The next day was just perfect! After a lazy morning, we walked to a local store to buy some food for breakfast. We took our bread rolls and cheese and started walking along the river. Not even 5 minutes into walking and we were fronted by a massive stone wall which appeared to have old buildings on the ground above. We took the long stair climb to the top and discovered an impressive church, beautiful parks and an amazing view of Prague. We sat on a park bench, taking in the view while eating breakfast. It felt so good to enjoy the sunshine that we sat for about half an hour, just taking everything in.

We continued on our walk and made our way along the river and around Old Town. Since everything is so cheap we decided to shout ourselves a “fancy” 3 course lunch at a restaurant along the river. Vegetable soup, delicious chicken steak and a chocolate pancake set us back 190 CZK (AUD$11.20) each. Again, feeling the sun shining on our faces was just too good to give up, so we sat at the restaurant terrace for what felt like hours, soaking up the sun and taking in the river view and tourists wandering by.

The next day, our final day in Prague, we went on a free tour of the Old Town and Jewish Quarter. Hosted by Sandemans New Europe (the same company that ran our free tour of Berlin), we once again had a very entertaining, enthusiastic and knowledgeable host. Huw (pronounced Hugh) our Welsh tour guide certainly kept us engaged, despite the cooler weather, with his lively and dramatic storytelling of the various events that contributed to Prague’s rich history. I definitely think that people visiting cities such as Prague and Berlin, or any other city with a vast history, should go on a walking tour. The wealth of information that both guides we’ve had have presented us is very impressive and give the sites that we passed so much more meaning.

Maybe it was just the sunshine, or the cheap food, or the gorgeous old buildings for as far as the eye can see.. whatever it was, Prague has certainly made a massive impression on us as a perfect holiday destination. Added to that all the mountain bikes we saw ride past.. we definitely need to come back to further explore this amazing city