Danish Changing of The Royal Guard in Copenhagen

Probably the highlight of Copenhagen for me, aside from the abundance of people riding bicycles was the Changing of The Royal Guard.

Being February in Copenhagen it was a freezing cold day (-3 degrees Celsius from memory), so it was a bit of a challenge recording the video and not shaking a little.

The Changing of The Royal Guard took place at Amalienborg. Depending on the circumstances at the time you will see a different change take place. We saw the ‘Løjtnantsvagt’, or The Lieutenant Watch. This is when HRH Prins Henrik is residing at the palace, or HRH the Crown Prince or HRH Prince Joachim are residing at Amalienborg in the capacity of regents.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video. For those of you who missed the original post, take a read of Two Days in Copenhagen.