Exploring Udine

Our return visit to Udine was intended as a surprise. We enjoyed our first visit so much, and we felt as though there was some unfinished business there, so we planned our return while we were staying in Rome. I’m not sure how many of them knew we were coming, but either way they looked happy to see us.

Last time we visited, everyone knew we were coming. Many of them were able to take time off of work and as a result we were always in the company of someone – being taken on day trips to see the greater Friuli. This time, we were often on our own, much to their concern.

While our visit was a great rest, we made a point of being a bit more independant and heading out more on our own. Between having a kick of the soccer ball at the local grounds, handball and table tennis games, riding along the river down Passeggiata delle Rogge, and walking down to Rizollo and through the nearby crops, Jess and I really got to know the village and nearby villages in a lot more detail than we did on the first visit. It was a great time to catch up again – not having to think too much about our upcoming travels.

With that said we were still treated to many special occasions and the time with family was great – the goodbyes were just as tough as last time. It was just a completely different visit to the last.

Jess and I both feel as though we will be back before long. Not too sure when, but I’m sure whenever it is we will be welcome.