Goodbye Tanjung Sanctuary Langkawi

It’s our last night here at Tanjung Sanctuary in Langkawi. As I sit here writing this to you, with the birds chirping and the water washing up onto the beach it reinforces my opinion on just why they call this place a sanctuary.

I’m not a particularly well travelled person – this is my first trip outside of Australia – but I have seen enough of Australia to know when something is extraordinary. Tanjung Sanctuary is exactly that.

From our window, the water below is perfectly blue, the trees and plants surrounding are healthy and green, and the temperature is an almost constant 30 degrees.

I am impressed by the planting that has been done on site here. It is obvious that the owners and managers of Tanjung Sanctuary want to not only maintain, but improve upon the health of the local habitat. The number of staff maintaining the gardens shows just how much they care.

Our time here has been perfect. Granted we are fairly “easy to please” people, but the staff have been extremely helpful, welcoming and flexible, and the quality of our room (and everything in it) is at a standard that we will no doubt be missing during the rest of our trip.

Ultimately, our goals have been met. We intended on our honeymoon being nothing more than a relaxing catch up between the two of us, and that is exactly what we have had.

If you are looking for a relaxing getaway, I could not recommend a better place. Their website is located at

Our Bungalow, from the beach