Poland and other ideas

We spoke to our friend Anton on the weekend. His girlfriend lives in Poland and the two of them spend a lot of time between there and Australia together. He wasn’t going to be there for long next visit, but now it’s stretched out. With any luck we will be spending some time with them somewhere near Warsaw towards the end of February.

We’re quickly realising that time is going to be a real issue. We want to see so much but at the same time want to be able to relax as well. We planned to do the majority of our travel in Europe via train, but it looks like we might catch some planes to save us some time now.

At the moment I’m thinking that from Athens we fly directly to Berlin (€60 each), to save us some time, then Berlin to Copenhagen via train, Copenhagen to Stockholm via train, then Stockholm to Krakow in Poland via plane (79SEK). From Krakow we can catch the train to Warsaw to meet our friends – Anton has done this before and can give us directions and everything.

Jess seems keen, it’s just tricky. We don’t want to book too much in, but the later we leave it the less cheap deals we will get. I think we’ll book the flights and leave the train tickets until later.