Update from Singapore

Well we arrived in Singapore early evening yesterday. After about an hour on the bus (airport shuttle – $9) we were dropped off at our hostel (Rucksack Inn).

The bus ride was awesome, we were both so blown away by the gardens even just at the airport, let alone those on the sides and in the middle of the motorways.

We were both pretty tired and went to bed early, Jess got a bit more sleep than I did but we were both woken up by the drunks at 4am. No biggie, we just slowly got our act together and headed out for the day.

Chinatown is preparing for Chinese New Year, which I imagine will be amazing. We also checked out the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. The place just blew us away! We walked around in circles for a bit then found the Merlion Fountain, then had some lunch on the Singapore River.

Anyway, my laptop battery is almost dead. Tomorrow we leave for Langkawi. 5 nights of awesome sleep. Can’t wait! 🙂

Here’s some quick pics..

Year of the TigerSingapore Buddha Tooth Relic TempleJess and I in front of the Merlion Fountain (Not pictured: Merlion Fountain)