Glacier Express on the cheap!

The red Swiss trains and the clean white snow look great together!

Want to take the Glacier Express across Switzerland? So did we, it was just that the price tag was a little too high for us. Luckily our Swiss hosts told us about a 24 hour railpass for CHF38 each. We could have used these passes on the Glacier Express itself but we would have had to pay 13CHF each for seat reservation, so we ended up jumping on a normal train.

It actually paid off for us – every Glacier Express carriage we saw was packed with retirees, and we realised as we began to take photos that the Glacier Express’ windows are actually a limitation more than anything else. We were alone most of the time in the normal carriage, able to move from one side to the other, and when there was a good photo opportunity we were able to open the windows and take a clear shot!

If you ever come to Switzerland, this is a train journey not to miss.