The Great Outdoors in Geneva

Leaving Domat/Ems was difficult. Perhaps not as emotional as our departure from Udine but hard all the same, with plenty a tear shed. As Jase discussed in his post about Domat/Ems we were just blown away with the amazing scenery. That’s why I think if we had to leave there for any city I’m glad it was Geneva.

After an absolutely breathtaking train ride through the alps we arrived in Geneva and made our way to our accommodation. Geneva Youth Hostel was not at all what we expected but clean and comfortable nonetheless… other than the disgustingly smelly roommate we had. The hostel also put on a reasonable breakfast that helped us get started each morning which was a bonus.

Over the next two days (we had been told two days would be plenty for Geneva) we divided our time between long walks in the parks and making use of our free public transport card, provided by the hostel, to catch the ferry across Lake Geneva. Sure Geneva had an old town, some monuments and the giant flower clock (all of which we saw) but it was the hanging out in the parks, soaking up the sunshine and watching the locals appreciate the fabulous weather in the great outdoors that we enjoyed most.

On our second full day in the city we made an earlyish start since the plan was to see all the major attractions. After an hour and a half of walking we had seen all that we wanted to see. Thankfully the last stop on our tourist map brought us to a big park that was a bit protected from the cold winds blowing across Lake Geneva. We played an hour long game on the giant chess board that resulted in a tie, which I was happy with since it was the first game of chess I have ever played. We then spent a good 2 hours jumperless, shoeless and sockless sitting in the sun and watching people enjoy their Sunday. It was wonderful!

Our stop in Geneva wasn’t a lengthy one but it was certainly an enjoyable one. While we wouldn’t go back, since there really isn’t all that much to see or do, we are glad we made the trip.